Philippines WordPress Jobs

WordPress is known throughout the world to be the best CMS(content management system) for small and big companies who want to easily publish their product and services in the internet. This WordPress platform is being used by many bloggers, writers, medias, advertisers, web developers, web designers and many others. They use WordPress system to easily publish their own product and services in the internet.

Since WordPress is now known to many individuals especially to business owners, we can now see that the demand is great. We are now offering WordPress jobs for those who are good at WordPress. Eyewebmaster is now known in the Philippines to provide WordPress Jobs because most of our clients are trusting Eyewebmaster to make this possible for them. We believe on this because Philippines is a known English speaking country that is capable of doing the best service in the world because of their skills and abilities.

If so ever you know how to use WordPress, we are now hiring you to work with us. If you’re good at WordPress and knowledgeable in creating themes, customizing plugin, and many add-ons in WordPress we are still hiring either full-time, part-time or project basis.

We are looking for talented WordPress Developers in the Philippines who can do the ff:

1. WordPress Data Entry
2. WordPress Theme Designer
3. WordPress Theme Developer
4. WordPress Plugin Developer
5. WordPress Hosting Expert
6. WordPress Php Developer
7. WordPress Paypal Developer

Please register to our WordPress Developers Group to give you continues update about our available jobs.