Terms and Conditions

As an organized and growing company that takes good care of its services offered to its clients, Eyewebmaster is following a systematic and organized policies and rules. These are made to secure the rights of the company and at the same time to place a deeper value to the customers satisfaction that we are always longing for.

These policies are discussing how to work with Eyewebmaster, for those willing to work with us; and how we will handle the project given to us by our clients. Specific policies for a particular situation are also given, to ensure the flexibility of it. Given those policies, the Eyewebmaster will still continue to stick to its goal which is “quality service for all”.

These are the Eyewebmaster policies we have:
1. Policy for Article Writers
2. Policy for Web Developers
3. Policy for the Web Designers
4. Internet Marketing Policy

These are for our Clients’ policies:

1. Policy for Writing Services
2. Policy for Web Development
4. Web Design Policy
5. Logo Design Policy

Our company, Eyewebmaster is very willing to provide you only the best of quality service that we can offer. These policies will be the basis of it.