Get Started

Eyewebmaster is one of the best resources of technology in the Philippines. We are still creating and developing a better system to serve you and our clients that they may gain something from our website. We have many interactions with developers, designers, and business owners to understand what and how we can help them with their needs. We had helped clients in our community by giving them proper website consultation so that they use the technology effectively and profitably. Our experiences have given us an extensive understanding of the web and its standards, and through this page, we can be able to guide you in getting started especially putting your personal and business on the internet. In this guide, we hope that we can confidently guide you for you to have success in this course.

Getting Started


  • Make sure it will help other people.
  • Make sure it will generate more traffic and followers.
  • Make sure it will create and develop reputation or brand

Webmasters Help

  • Think of a domain ( you like to get started.
  • Design something that is relevant to your ideas or get help from our graphic designers.
  • Develop better web navigation where it can be accessed to different browsers and mobile devices.
  • Get a perfect WordPress theme to match your ideas or customize your website with our web developers.

Get Engaged

  • Start executing your plans by writing original content that is related to your idea or passion.
  • If you’re not sure about what you have written, ask for help from people who are good at correcting errors.
  • Publish and invite your friends to read and share it with their friends.
  • Let your website start earning.