Local SEO Training Events

loca seo training logoBasic SEO Training is intended for writers, bloggers, programmers, web developers and website owners who really want to know basic information about SEO. We have created this SEO training event to inform anyone about our upcoming training events especially to SEO and other related online marketing strategy. In this training, participants will be able to learn how to optimize a website for the search engines. They will be wiser in developing content, structuring and coding their website. With these events you can learn why search engines are important and how do it work for business, organization and institutions. Register now to our SEO membership for free and you will get our free upcoming events.

What are the things you might get from these training events?

  1. To know basic information about SEO.
  2. To be wise in navigating basic optimization for a  website .
  3. Be knowledgeable on what is SEO and how you can organically rank your business in the search engines.

Our training courses that are available are Basic SEO Training and SEO mastery Module .  We also conduct other special trainings to businesses, institution, governments and organization.

Schedule for SEO Training Events 2012

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