PHP Programming Training for Starters

PHP programming is one of the common language you can learn at these days. This course is designed for those who want to learn basic PHP language but no programming background. This can help learners be familiar with basic PHP  and how to apply this into web applications. This course can help individuals who want to expand their knowledge in web development. This course could be beneficial to interested learners as they participate in this Basic PHP programming Course.


PHP Topics Include


  • Introduction to Programming Languages
  • PHP Language Basics: Syntax, Quotes, Comments, Data Types
  • PHP Variable Basics: Numbers, Constants, Variables, Strings, Arrays
  • PHP Control Flow Basics: Operators, Conditionals, Loops
  • PHP Functional Basics: Functions, Libraries, Advanced Arrays, File Handling
  • PHP Programming Basics: Best Practices, Debugging, Brief Introduction to HTML
  • PHP Web Basics: Brief Introduction to Server Communications, Sessions, Security
  • PHP Database Basics: Brief Introduction to MySQL/SQLite Database as it relates to Web Sites
  • PHP Applications Basics: Best Approaches to Creating Applications; Course project