Five SEO Mastery Training Modules

These SEO mastery training modules can be taught to  interested online and offline learners especially to companies, website owners and for those who want to become webmasters or SEO specialists.

Module 1: Introduction to Search Engine Optimization and Website Structures

This module will introduce learners to the broader topic of how search engine works.  They will learn the importance in developing personal or business websites. Learners will learn more why website and search engine are important factors for individual, businesses, companies, organization and institution.

Module 2: Web and Design Development and Search Engine On-Page Optimization

Module 2 will teach learners what type of designs and content management system they are going to use in developing websites. It will teach learners the importance of search engines on-page optimization. It will teach learners the proper use of keywords in developing their meta tags for a web page and the proper use of original contents. Learners will also learn about keyword stuffing and other do’s and dont’s to make the site more suitable and crawlable for the search engines.

Module 3: Search Engine Off-Page Optimization and Online Reputation Management

This module will introduce to the learners the importance of search engine off-page optimization and will teach them the importance of building their online reputation. It will teach them about the things they can do to help their site rank in the search engines and the importance of website external links.

Module 4: Online Marketing, Advertising Campaigns and Article Copy-writing

Module 4 covers the tactics used in online marketing, search engine marketing and advertising campaign. This will teach learners identify different types of online advertising and why it is necessary to use and how to do it. This will teach learner  how to effectively write article for your website and users.

Module 5: Website Analytics and Conversion Tools

Module 5 will teach learners how to use website analytics and conversion tools effectively. This will cover the in and outs of measuring and testing online traffic and campaigns, key performance indicators, key terms such as goals. This will also teach how to follow online legal issues and how to follow deal with them.