Each business has its own and unique service to offer, something that a particular customer in a variety of clients in the market is looking for. However, there is a wide competition happening now. All of these businesses, though how sincere they may seem, are claiming that they can offer the service all their clients demand. But how can your business appear familiar to the customers when there are also lots of competitors spilling over the market? Radio advertizing, TV commercials, printed adds, though how useful they are, will still never be able to cater all customers especially foreigners and business-service critics.

There is another way now to commercialize your product! That is through online advertizing.

For example, Coca Cola. This very successful beverage giant is now undergoing a plan they call “Content 2020” campaign where they plan to double their sales by the year 2020 through the use of effective internet marketing. That is an enormous plan but by engaging to the internet, that will be possible. The company has released two sets of videos to help us understand their plan. Watching these, we can also see how they give a deeper look to internet marketing strategy.

Part One:

Part Two:

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