Eyewebmaster offers web development to website owners. To cater to this growing number of clients, our company is teaming up with experienced web developers. These web developers have wide experience when it comes to the field they choose.

Our company has certain policies enabling these developers to perform the work intended to them.

The Website

Owners of the website being developed by Eyewebmaster have a deep trust for the quality service that the company can cater to them. Any inaccuracy of work, due to the worker’s negligence, might result in the deterioration of the company’s reputation.

In order to prevent this, the developers of the website who works with us are expected to:

  • align his work to Eyewebmaster’s standard of developing a website.
  • be careful enough not to expose the client’s private information such as personal email add, website’s username and password, and other personal information. These things are not to be shared with any third party or to any company not associated with Eyewebmaster.
  • no direct communication to clients unless authorized by Eyewebmaster admin.
  • secure his computer that it is free from any malware or viruses
  • have a good internet connection on his at least 1mbs downloading speed.
  • have a dedication to the work assigned to them. They are expected to present the finished work according to the timeframe agreed by them and the Eyewebmaster.

Anyone who fails to follow these standards of work will be paid less than expected or will be the result of the cancellation of the project. If the developer continues to intentionally disregard these instructions, after he is being warned, will be the result of the termination of his contract as web developer in the company.

Compensation for Developers

Every payment given to our developers is through an hourly rate and is project-based. All payments will be given on the 5th and 20th day of the month. It is given normally through bank to bank or cash. Upon signing the contract, the management together with the developer will determine the exact amount for the specific project. To ensure the possible increase of the project and payment for it, the fixed amount of salary is not specified here. If there are also some who want to work with us on a one-time basis, an honorarium will be given to them – still in a project-based.

A developer can choose to work with us either in or outside the office. Anyone who works in the office should do it 20 to 40 hours a week. He is expected to sign the Daily Time Record provided for him with accuracy. While he who chooses to work at his preferred place, away from the office, will be given a specific project. He will be required to report daily or twice a week through email in order for the management to check the progress of the project given to him. A program will be installed on his computer in order for the management to constantly check his work.

Any assigned work for the developers which is passed later than the preferred date by the management will be deducted from the salary of that developer.

Web Developers Shares and Opportunities

Each valuable work rendered by these developers will be recognized by the company. As all of the workers and the management share a common goal, every excellent work will result in gaining additional income with Eyewebmaster. Meaning, a developer can get an income share of 5% to 15% with Eyewebmaster as he works professionally, and if that action resulted in the increase of the Eyewebmaster’s annual income. These benefits will be given to him monthly or annually.