Working with Eyewebmaster as a Web Designer, has certain rules that should be followed. With this policies we will be able protect certain rights that both the management and the workers should have, in a very equal ground.

The Work

Every web design project are to be treated with professionalism. The projects have deadlines which should be passed according to the prearranged date. Normally, a staff of Eyewebmaster will meet with the web designers and talk with them the project assigned and the date when it should be given to the client. The web designers are to finish these projects at least 20 days before the specified end of contract in order for the company to conduct a thorough review and editing of it, if necessary. The project passed later than the specified date will be subject to the deduction of salary.

Everything that will be put to the website being designed should all be in accordance with the wants of our clients and should be in compliance with the copyright policy in our country. Anything that should be corrected once the project is being reviewed, before it will be passed to the client, will be changed with or without the knowledge of the designer.

The Standard of Work

There are certain standard that our company is following when designing a website. Normally these standards are according to the latest version of the website provider we choose. Therefore, a regular check of thee standards should always be considered by the designer. There are also additional standards that might be discussed during the issuance of the project to suit to the needs of the client.


Salary is to be given in a monthly basis, all project based. It is normally sent through cash or through bank deposit. Due to the possible increase of salary anytime, specific salary is written in the contact and it will discuss to the designer upon signing it.