Web Design Policy (Eyewebmaster and the Client)

We are implementing policies for every web design that we do. By having these, we are prudent to say that we have an organized institution that holds the rights of both the company and our valued customers.

Policy on Design

The design of the web desired by our customers will always be followed. We can offer various examples to our client but still his request will always be the one we will integrate. Therefore an accurate description of the design from our client for his website is what we need in order to complete the project.

Before closing the deal for the project, Eyewebmaster staff will first meet with the client requesting for the project. This meeting is for the purpose of having a clear understanding between the two of the project being requested. If the client will not be able to meet with us personally due to some valid reasons in favor of the client (i.e. the distance and availability), instructions through email might be accepted provided that it explains clearly the design chosen by the client to be executed in their site. The things agreed upon during the first meeting or the instructions sent to us will only be the things we will follow. Any additional design will be subject to additional charge.

If there are any design that do not fit the instructions given during the first meeting, a free edit or revision of it will be conducted.

Policy on Payment

The payment for the website is according to the design our client wants and to the amount agreed by both parties. Normally it is ranging to [amount of the web design].

We accept payment through cash, dated checks, paypal (if client is abroad) or through our bank accounts. Like what was said above, additional design or a change of the blueprint different to what was agreed upon will be subject to additional charge.

Down payment is required before the project begins. However, a full payment can also be accepted if the client prefers it.

Continued Support System

Even after the transaction, we still value our clients. With the support system we have, every client will continue to be able to present their concerns by communicating with us. They can reach us through phone, email, chat or through meeting with us personally. Just click the link to see our contact information: Contact Us.