Policies for Developing a Website (for the Client)

As we always do, private information of the website we develop will never be given to anyone who does not work with us. This information is private and we hold it as it is as we develop the website given to us.

Web Development Policies

Developing a website begins as the owner and staff of Eyewebmaster meet together to discuss the necessary development for it. The owner should provide our staff a clear description of what he wants to happen to his website – the theme, appearance, images, articles, and lots of needed information. When the client is not available to meet with us, communication through phone or otherwise through email will be accepted. They should determine and set the exact date when it should be finished and the compensation for it.

As the development of the website goes on, our staff will often contact its owner, giving him an update on the progress of the website. Needed information that our staff should provide to the owner should be the exact appearance of the website, the number of the articles already written, and the images contained therein. This is normally done by granting the owner access to the administration panel of the website being developed thus allowing him to check it by himself regularly. If there is anything that needed correction or addition, we are always ready to do it.

After the project, the website and all that in it including the articles written by our writers and the images provided by Eyewebmaster will all be named to the website we developed.

If the project is passed later than the predetermined date, the website owner will pay Eyewebmaster lesser than the fixed amount settled in the contract.