There are also certain policies that our clients should abide in order for them to have a smooth work with us.

Contents of the Website

Normally we develop websites with already articles on it. These articles might be slightly edited by our writers according to the consent of the website owner. If the website owner desires to have additional articles in his website, we can still do that for them. But usually, these articles are only copied as it is to provide the website owner a complete authorship of it. Images for the desired article might also be provided by us.

The contents that will be put in the website being developed are all written originally and are abiding the copyright. These articles might also be changed according to the request of the client.

We are strict to the contents that we will be putting in your website. We accredit you that we will be providing exemplary articles with a touch of well-qualified terms. If there will be anything that is not in accordance with what our client is expecting, we will do any editing of it for free.

Service Fee

The writing service will be paid according to the amount dealt between the owner and us. Additional contents and articles other than the subject being discussed during the preliminary meeting between the client and our staff will be subject to additional compensation. Images provided by the Eyewebmaster will also be subject for additional payment.

Ownership of the Article

Even though it is us who wrote the articles in the website of our client, the complete authorship of it will be given to them, including the images placed therein. As part also of our respect for the author of the website we develop, we will never change anything even those with a little lapse in the article as long as we are not told to do so.

Delivery of the Article

Articles we wrote are delivered through email, one week before the due of the project, in order for the owner to check the articles written and preview it in his website. If there are anything in the written article that do not conform with the agreed instruction, it will be edited by the company for free.