Part of our Graphic Design services is the logo design. We make logos according to your taste and to your business’s theme. With this offer, we are in partner with you in promoting your business and brands and making it grow.

How We Work Logos?

1. You let us know of your desired logo. You can do this by communicating with us through sending us an emailed instruction about your wanted concept. We can determine the exact logo you want as you also provide the information about your company, your brand and how it works.

2. After sending us those needed information, we will then make unique and original designs in the fastest time you want us to. We will be determining the concept and the design of your logo based on the information you sent us and to the works of your company. We will offer you different designs where you can choose for yourself the best one that fits both the feature of your business and your likes.

3. Anything that needs revision to your logo can also be provided until you are completely satisfied by it.

4. The final logo will then be sent to you in a different file format, either through .jpeg or pdf.

Once the logo is delivered to you, the full ownership of it will also be transferred to your name. Our company will never cling to any private works our clients ask us to work.

Payment for the logo made will be determined according to the quotation given to and finished by our company.

Logo Design Policy

Listed below are the policy of Eyewebmaster with regards to the logo design service we render to our valued clients:

  • Privacy Policy. As our response to the trust our client gave us, we assure them that we will be keeping their information in private and will not share it with any company or person not working with Eyewebmaster. Once they contact us for a logo design service, we will only be getting the necessary information to complete the work, and these information are only for the sole use of our company. As our clients ask us for a logo design we will also be asking for their name or their company’s name, contact information such as email address and phone number, and their complete address for mailing purposes. These information will enable us to verify them about the completion of the project or at least of its progress. Some information about their  company, will also be asked to help us determine what kind of design we are going to use.

  • Legal Rights Agreement. Eyewebmaster will not hold the copyright ownership of the logo made by us once the project is done but all the rights pertaining to it will be given to the company or to the one who asked us to do it. Instances such as failure of the logo owner to pay us according to the time set will determine the retraction of the logo’s legal right. All our work, including the logo designs, are created originally. If there is anything that may look the same as the other company has done, a review of it will be made and corrections and editing will follow.