Internet Marketing is one of Eyewebmaster’s services that offers Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and the Pay Per Click. These services are rendered to the website which are already in the social media but desires to make an online presence.

In able for Eyewebmaster to provide continued service to our ever increasing number of clients asking for those services, we outlined this policy. The objective of this policy is to have an organized way of providing needed services to our clients.

The Service

We are notified of the service our clients desire as they contact us either through phone call or sending an email. Other way is through signing the table provided in the Contact Us menu in our website. Either of the mentioned ways will be certainly sent to our management.

Eyewebmaster will then contact the client back and set a time and place for a personal meeting. This meeting is necessary so as to provide the client and our staff an understanding of how the project will work. If the client is not able to meet with us due to the distance or other concerns in favor of the client, the company will accept that as an exemption. Phone calls and communication through email will be provided to fill that need.

During the personal meeting, or otherwise when Eyewebmaster contacts the client, the latter should give the company all the instruction in order for us to finish the project. We will also be asking for the due date when our client wants the project to finish.

As the project is on the process, Eyewebmaster will continue to contact the owner of the website, allowing him to know the progress of his website and providing him a chance to give certain corrections and additions to the website being developed.

Compensation for the Project

Payment varies according to the specific service rendered. There is no fixed amount when doing our Internet Marketing Services, especially in Search Engine Optimization, but these services will be compensated in an agreeable way.