Eyewebmaster has been developing a wide number of websites these past years. We have developed websites for hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other privately owned institutions. Part of that service was writing updated and reliable content for those websites. And as our company innovated, we hired article writers who publish articles to our website, to the websites we develop, and to our clients.

Our writers are consist of students, business professionals, owners, programmers, and bloggers. Some of these writers are directly working with us, every day, while others are writing articles according to their preferred time and place. With their experiences and with the knowledge they gained throughout the years, these writers have been helping the company in countless ways.

Description of Writers

There are at least three kinds of writer who work with us. Anyone who wants to work with us can choose either to be an Eyewebmaster author, an article contributor, or an anonymous writer.

  • Eyewebmaster Author – the writer will be considered as Eyewebmaster Author as they choose to register in our membership form and show an article personally written by them. If that article is approved by our management, they are then hired as Eyewebmaster Authors. Each article that is published by these authors will be named after them and will be published in the website of Eyewebmaster. By this, these authors will have the chance to increase their exposure to Eyewebmaster members and online users.
  • Article Contributors – these are the writers who are being paid for their articles written and submitted to us. The validity (length and relevance) of these articles will determine their payment and publication.  Authorship for the articles written by the article contributors will be given directly to the Eyewebmaster as we purchase it from them. Payments will be given when articles are approved. These article contributors can either choose to write on our website or to add articles to the website we develop.
  • Anonymous  Writers or Ghost Writers – these are writers who want to write for Eyewebmater but prefer to have their names unpublished. Payment for the articles is project-based. Normally we demand for an article not less than 300 words. Article written by these Anonymous Writers will be published on the websites we develop.

Policies and Contract

There are certain policies that every article writer who works with us should know and follow.

    1. Contents of an Article. The article should contain not less than 300 words. Before its publication, a thorough review of it will be conducted. Part of the things to be checked is the construction of the sentence and paragraphs, the reliability of the whole article, alignment of the content to the subject, and many other necessary things that will make up a legitimate article. If there is anything that needs to be changed or at least edited in the article submitted, Eyewebmaster claims the right to do that even without the knowledge of the writer.

    2. Authorship of an Article. Eyewebmaster holds the authorship for all the articles submitted to us, with exemption to the articles written by the Eyewebmaster Authors. However, the articles for the websites we develop which are submitted by the Article Contributors and Anonymous Writers will be named and authored to the website owners.

    3. Copyright Policy. Articles submitted to us are expected to abide by the copyright policy being implemented in our country. Any information that might degrade anyone, in any means, is not accepted and will never be published on our website or to the websites we develop. We are strict on holding and maintaining the reputation of our company.


Payments for those who write for us are project-based and are only given on a monthly basis, or according to the time patterned by the company and the writer. Payments that are given through cash, are given directly to the writer.