Oursource Logo Designers

Logo is very important to a businesses, companies, institutions or establishments. It is one way how you identify a brand depending on the logo they use. Our designers will design a suitable logo that will fit to your needs. Revision can happen according to client preference.

There are many type of designs you might think to incorporate in your business or establishment. These logos are identified as follows:

1. Monogram Logo or Lettermarks
2. Wordmarks (or logotypes)
3. Pictorial Marks (or logo symbols)
4. Abrstract Logo Marks
5. Mascots
6. The combination Mark
7. The emblem

You can learn all of this logo in this page: Type of Logos

Now if you're ready to let our designers design a logo for you then please fill up our form and we will give you a feedback as soon as possible.

Monogram Logos Sample

Monogram logos is only consist of letter or usually brand initials.

Wordmarks Logos Sample

Wordmarks is a font-based logo that is based on a business name. These are 2 example of Wordmarks Logo.

Pictorial Marks Logos Sample

Pictorial Mark is based on icon graphic logo. A known logo like Apple and twitter a the best example of these logo.

Abstract Logos Sample

Abstract logo could represent your business. It create something unique to represent a brand.

Mascots Logos Sample

Mascots logo are defined as illustrative character for a company or business. Big companies wants to have this to attract children or families in their establishment.

Combination Mark Logos Sample

It is a combined wordmark and pictorial mark, abstract or mascot to create a unique logo.

Emblem Logos Sample

Emblem logo consist of fond inside a symbol or icon. This type of logos is good for schools, organizations or government agencies. Auto industry uses this type of logo and many other known establishment like Starbucks.