Manila Laravel Developers Job Requirements that local or abroad companies are hiring.

Either you can work with one of the fastest-growing software companies abroad or to your local area as a PHP / Laravel Framework Developer, you are helping build the next generation of technology for home users. Since outsourcing developers demand for companies nowadays are getting stronger we believe that in Manila, Philippines can be a choice to outsource a Laravel Developers. Manila is commonly known as the capital city of the Philippines. Many companies are hiring full-time and part-time positions that can be based in an office or home.

If you’re a client and you are looking for Manila Laravel Developers here are some of the few responsibility checklists to see if these developers are familiar with it.

Manila Laravel Key Responsibility Checklists:

    1. Knowledge about Software development using PHP, MySQL, Laravel and Cartalyst packages.
    2. Familiar with Git commands.
    3. Implementation of pre-developed front-end code
    4. Communication with other project developers and managers via Vira or Scrum
    5. They can provide feedback on coding standards, accessibility, and other technical standards
    6. Assist in maintaining existing code, including bug fixes, enhancements, security testing and miscellaneous maintenance
    7. Knowledge in building scalable systems
    8. Write code to Laravel coding standards and utilizing security best practices.
    9. Implement API’s, Test software for security holes REQUIRED 3+ years of experience in web application development
    10. Experience with MVC PHP frameworks, Laravel (Required) – PHP (MVC, OOP), MYSQL, experience JSON/REST/XML/SOAP Web Services.
    11. HTML and CSS experience, Agile product development, Git & GitHub experience.

Manila Laravel Developers

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