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Bantayan Island is a fishing island. It is blessed with abundance in fish coming from the group of migratory fish in the equatorial belt of China sea. The usual catch includes agumaa, danggit, squid, labayan ( lubay-lubay), crab, prawn, gawot and tanguigui. Most fishing is done by individuals in their small outrigger barcas. Typically, the fishermen set out before dawn and fish for about six hours, including traveling to and from the fishing grounds. They fish in large groups, which go to where fish are known to be that day – this can be of some distance, going as far as Negros island.

Bantayan Island is also home to the cleanest beaches with powdery-white sands.

One way to promote these attractions and other businesses and services is through the internet by developing a website. This is an effective strategy because many people are relying on the internet for the services and products they need.

Websites need the following strategies to be successful:

1. Web Design – Web design should be simple but elegant, especially if you’re establishing business in Bohol.

2. Web Development – Web development should comply with the needed designs and your marketing strategy. It has to be compatible with different computers and mobile devices. Coding should be clean and error free.

3. Web Marketing – Marketing your business in the internet is very important. One best practice for the web is to do Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your website in the search engine can bring you targeted traffic to your business. It is one of the best ways to lessen the cost of your advertising online.

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