Shena Marie Dabalos

Shena-DabalosShena Marie Dabalos is a high school student and is very interested in literature, social networking sites, technology, and as well as in the internet. She is very interested in learning new things. She wants to share her insights and ideas about particular things.

Reading and writing are her hobbies. Books have become part of her life. She loves browsing the internet. She wants to explore new things through the use of technologies. Technologies like mobile phones and computers are her favorite stuffs.

As the President of the Supreme Student Council in the school where she studies, she feels that holding a position is a serious matter. She is aware that being on that position is a wonderful privilege and at the same time a great responsibility.

Her goal, is to develop her capabilities and skills using the internet. She wants to explore the wonders of computers. She has this strong desire to build a firm foundation in the field of technology. She knows that little by little she can achieve these temporal goals in her life. She believes that as she pursue to make these dreams come true, she is as well molding herself to be more prepared to make her greater goals turn into reality.

As of now, Shena is engaging herself in the social networking sites and in the internet through the Eyewebmaster, a website developer company that offers services regarding website development and other related tasks. Through this, she knows that she is taking her steps towards success.