Shiela AbelloLearning new things is important. We need to gain more knowledge in order to be confident in everything that we do. There is always a process in learning and in order to understand we have to be open-minded and attentive. Learning new skills can be a great opportunity to you.

I am into mass communication and I already have an experience in article writing. I am also a Content Developer at Eyewebmaster.

Connecting with people is an important tool to become successful. I make sure to have a great purpose when connecting with others. I am interested to share my knowledge about written communication.

I am trained to connect with people using twitter, linkedin, google and other social medias. It is important to learn about the online world so that it would be easy to seek for knowledge and opportunities. Social Networking can give benefits to people if it is used in the right way.

This job is a give and take process. I can learn things from others and at the same time they can also learn from me. I am able to meet different people with different experiences, that is why communication skills are important.

New things always come to our way; we need to open our eyes, minds and hearts in order to gain more information. Hard work is always needed to achieve everything that we do.

You can find me at my twitter @abellosheila ; google plus Sheila Abello