Romulo Ramos Natural II

Romulo Natural (Sig)Romulo Natural (Sig) has engaged himself since high school,to various writing activities. He has registered to journalism classes, organizations, and seminars and by doing so, he gained knowledge on how to properly voice out his feelings about a particular subject. He served as a “Copyreader and Headline Writer” and a “News Writer” in his campus publication during his high school years. That publication received awards not only in regional level but also in a national competition.

Papers and pens are his primary tools of writing. He already has a collections of poems, short stories and articles – all of his own composition – reaching to hundreds now, and still continues to increase.

However, he is still eager to learn. When he reached college, he took up Education course, majoring in English. He also pursued his desire to write by joining the clubs offering writing skills development. And until now, he still writes and is still willing to hear from everyone ways on how he will improve.

With his engagement in online technology, he feels that his desire “to be heard” and “to hear” will always happen.

He is now working as a Content Writer and an Editor in Eyewebmaster.

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