Maria Antoniette Nuñez

Maria Antoniette Nuñez (Love)

Maria Antoniette Nunez - Love NunezMaria Antoniette Nune, or “Love”, as she is fondly called by peers and associates, loves to write. She has been a writer for a couple of years and enjoys what she’s doing.  She had extensive experience in customer service as sales coordinator in one of the five star hotels in Cebu City. She worked as an ESL instructor to Korean students prior to her job as Health Insurance Officer of the National Health Insurance Company. The diversity of her experience has molded her into a well-rounded person and eager to learn more of what is around her. She is currently pursuing her writing career and considers this path as enriching and rewarding. She writes on various topics and loves to do research before creating a piece because she believes that content must be reliable and factual. She enjoys blogging and creating reviews as well. She is determined to hone her skills in writing and convey accordingly what she has been tasked to do. As a writer, she understands that words are great tools in web content development and can be very powerful when properly used. She hopes to be a great contributor to the online world as she delivers relevant articles and reliable content. If you are looking for a professional content for your website, blog, and other related information for your website, you can fill this content development form and we will get in touch with you ASAP.