Jetrho (Grey) MonaresJetrho “Grey” Monares is a contributor and editor of articles in Eyewebmaster. He is currently studying Secondary Education major in English at Leyte Normal University, the Center for Quality Teacher Education in Region VIII, here in the Philippines. At school, he is formerly the Managing Editor, and now the Literary Editor of the university’s annual. He is also running for a Latin Honor, and has consistently maintained high grades. All in all, he has a 3-year writing experience at the young age of 18 years old. He is also proficient in verbal communication as he underwent and certified the Global Communications Training at ePerfomax Contact Centers and BPO, training under the top bracket of communication skills as identified by the aforementioned company’s standards. Under the same company, he had a week-long Product Specific Training with their eBay Australia account before separating with the company to pursue his studies.

Grey has a strong inclination towards Literature, and some related disciplines like Linguistics, and the Social Sciences. As such, he is an insightful person at a young age, and he expresses his insights through writing poems, although he admits that he is still a novice in this path. His poem “Ngan Sinmiring an Kalayo ha Tuna” (translated as “And the Fire Told the Earth”) has been displayed in the Seed-ay writing competition of a local environmental NGO. Some of his poems are posted and have earned honorary mentions in contests at, a website devoted to poetry in the hopes of cultivating the talents of people all over the world making it the world’s largest online poetry community.

He believes in the inexhaustible potentials of an individual, and values his learning, believing that it is a never ending process.

For inquiries, please contact him through email at and